Welcome to the Museum and Entrance Staircase

Welcome to the Museum of the Anagni Cathedral. This is Massimiliano, the hebdomadal deacon. I assist the chapter of priests who, ever since its creation, have overseen the diocese’s magnificent wealth of faith and art. I was welcomed here with exceptional hospitality, which I trust you will experience too. I also wish for you to feel guided and well-supported throughout the journey of discovery which you are about to embark upon, following the unfolding history of the city and papacy.

Once inside the Museum, turn right and walk up to the first floor, where you will find our first room. Rest assured, rooms will light up for you as you walk through them. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that flash photography and the use of tripods, or any other stabilising equipment, are not permitted throughout the Museum.

As you walk up the staircase, you will notice portraits of illustrious gentlemen such as Bishop Attilio Adinolfi, who gave proof of exceptional courage in the course of the Second World War when defending our Diocese, or Bishop Antonio Seneca who led a magnificent restoration of the Cathedral in the course of the 16th and 17th centuries, completely altering its Medieval appearance. Unfortunately, most of these alterations are no longer visible today.